We started doing some very, very low-key shopping for our nursery today. There’s a consignment store in West Seattle that we’d been meaning to check out for a while, so we stopped by there to look at changing tables and other equipment.

We also checked out Craigslist, and we found out that we’ve been seriously under-budgeting for the furniture. Apparently, spending a couple thousand on furniture is required if you don’t want the CPS knocking on your door:

4 Piece Baby Room Set – Perfect 4 Parents Who Love Their Child – OBO – $1750

This is from the Morigeau Lepine 2000 series, the pineapple color. It’s beautiful, high quality baby furniture. If you love your new kid you will buy this baby furniture from us. We’d like you to pay $1750 but will entertain any offer since we really want it out of our house. (emphasis theirs)

Man. If that’s what it takes, I’ve got some seriously bad news for young Eelfang.

We did, however, make our first official purchase for the nursery, from Sarah Jane Studios on

Matching prints reading “I love my mama” and “I love my papa”. Hooray for cute baby stuff!

There are conflicting opinions about whether to start gathering baby things and making a nursery in anticipation of a child coming to you through adoption. On the one hand, the longer the wait, the more painful a reminder the empty nursery can be. On the other (Todd and I are in this camp), we’re expectant parents just the same as other folks, and want to get and be ready for a little one’s arrival. I have a few crafty things in mind that I want to make, and thought I might as well get started now, just in case there’s not that much thumb-twiddling time in the pool. So I spent a playoff game’s worth of time making a few bibs for Eelfang:

bib no.1bib no. 2bib no. 3
Made from a pattern in Bend the Rules Sewing, these were super easy.

Next project: baby booties!

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