health update

I’ve fallen off doing Monthiversaries for Seth, but will need to get back in the habit of capturing what Seth is doing Right Now, as it seems to change rapidly! So here’s the latest:

Seth is vocal with a capital V. He has been screaming quite a bit lately, both when he’s happy and more often when he is unhappy or wants something. Todd and I tire of it, but are trying to find the right approach to deal with what is hopefully just a quick phase. Seth also has a sweet regular voice, which he uses a lot. Here are the words that he uses on a regular basis:

  • Ca-ca – can mean cracker, color or clock
  • Ca – a bird, and what a bird says
  • Ba-bah – his giraffe, and most four legged animals, or bottle
  • Bre-bre or hoooo (<–kind of a whistling noise) – what a dog says
  • Mama
  • Dada
  • nnnnn – moon
  • Yaya – flower or water
  • Ha! – hot
  • Da! Da! – cat
  • Na-na-na-na – the sound of reading

He has also started saying “Dungdlung” and various other random things that we haven’t quite figured out yet.

On the eating front, Seth still hasn’t gotten too picky yet. The other day he hoovered some green chard cooked with garlic, and some pico de gallo at another meal, even though we had suspected that he doesn’t like hot or strong flavors like that. His favorite foods are fruit of course (especially blueberries or strawberries), rice with or without beans, and crackers. At his 15 month check up, Seth weighed in at 26.6 lbs and 32″ (around the 75% percentile for both) so the food is obviously doing its job :] We often have yogurt with cereal/applesauce/cinnamon mixed in for breakfast, and I just let him loose — and while it’s still messy, he spoons about 90% of the yogurt in his mouth! We also introduced a fork a while back, and he’s getting pretty good at spearing things.

As for playing, number 1 is going outside. Seth doesn’t care what the weather is, nor whether he had just been outside, he would really be happy spending all day outside. We try to hang out outside at least a bit each day, weather permitting, and frequently go to the playground by our house. We also tried out the toddler open gym time earlier this week, and Seth was pretty into it. He loves watching other kids, especially older ones, and tries to hand them toys, sticks, etc. They’re usually weirded out, and I don’t necessarily know what to do either, but Seth’s just happy to try to interact with them. At the playground today, there were three boys about 5 years old and their 3 dads were teaching them to play telephone. Seth was glued to them, and laughed along to everything they said. Because he’s so active, we have also started walking down the sidewalk holding hands instead of carrying or wearing him, or using the stroller. I kind of use an iron grip, because we have yet to teach him about street safety and it freaks me out (question for parents: when can they start to learn that?), but he loves being able to walk!

Inside, Seth has learned to climb onto the couch. We move the cushions to the front to form a little trough along the back, and he loves to just play there with his stuffed animals. He also climbs off the side, and we know it’s only a matter of time before he tries with other furniture. Thank goodness our bookshelves are bolted to the wall!). We also read books all the time — I think we’ve reached the age where he could listen to the same story 15 times in a row — and dance (his moves these days consist of flapping his arms, or making that sign when you want a semi to honk). Like I said <a href=”″>before</a>, Seth loves playing with water, and also is into throwing, kicking or simply carrying around a ball, and is alternately liking and really frustrated with his new shape sorter we got from Saben.

I can’t remember when Seth learned body parts, but he knows most of those. And he can high five, and loves to scrunch up his face when you say, “Smile!” He loves to help wipe the counters after meals, and can get out and put away his shoes.

I’m sure there’s more to update, but someone’s starting to stir from their nap…later skaters!

Bucket of Baby

Seth went to the doctor today, and weighed in at 9lb 7 oz. That’s nearly a pound more in the last week! Everything was healthy and happy – at least, until the PKU test, which he did not like at all. Nearly broke our hearts with his crying during that. But he calmed down quickly, and he’s happy today.

My mom took this picture on Monday, and it’s one of my favorite pictures of him. I especially like how clear his birthmark is.