As the stories we read with Seth have become longer and more involved, singing at bedtime stopped for a time. Due to some rockiness in bedtime recently (probably due to re-starting preschool), we have started singing again, which all of us enjoy. The first time I chose two songs I sung often when Seth was a baby: “Frere Jacques” (once in French and once in English), and “Till There Was You,” and now those are the standards. Seth is particularly partial to the latter, and loves to sing along.

Here’s a sweet recording of Dada and Seth’s duet (the video is pitch black — the audio is the important part).

‘Till There Was You from Eel Fang on Vimeo.

(For reference, here’s the original source material: The Beatles’ cover)

Here’s a Christmas present for you from our newly-three(!), Raffi-obsessed, budding musician:

Todd already posted about this on his FB, but for those who don’t read that…

Jake and Matthew played some music for us as dress rehearsal before playing at Folklife. Here’s a quick video of Seth and Jake’s son, Ole, rocking out:

Flashlights in bed from Eel Fang on Vimeo.

New Seth video!

Seth – 16 months from Eel Fang on Vimeo.

Be sure to watch through the false ending… I ran out of music before I ran out of footage. Seth signs for “more”, and after a quick fade-out, more video appears.

The song is “God Been Good To Me”, by the Mighty Walker Brothers, from the excellent Good God! A Gospel Funk Hymnal compilation.

Seth and Todd dancing around in the living room, with Seth laughing hysterically the whole time. I’m working on putting together another video, but this one needed to be stand-alone, unedited. Pure joy!

Seth and Dad dancing from Eel Fang on Vimeo.

I posted this on Facebook the other day, but the video was set to Private – if you tried (and failed) to watch it there, try again now.

Seth – 12 months from Eel Fang on Vimeo.

Music is Moby, “Run On”. Video spans from early October through Christmas day.


Seth – 9 months from Eel Fang on Vimeo.

Music is the title track from Pass the Peas: The Best of the J.B.’s.

Movie includes the first time eating, first time on the beach, and film from the first week or two of walking. Also look for cameos from Todd’s mom and dad and from Seth’s cousin Annika.

New video of Seth, around 5-6 months. Watch for laughing and some early crawling!

Seth – 6 Months from Eel Fang on Vimeo.

The music is “Twist and Shout”, from another one of our favorite musicians, Ferris Bueller.

Video of Seth, around 3-4 months:

Seth – 3 months from Eel Fang on Vimeo.

The music is Stevie Wonder, “You and I”, official 2nd favorite musician of the Eelfang family.

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