We’re planning on starting to do little quick reviews of some of our family’s favorite music, movies and books. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have.

The links to the products will be special Amazon affiliate links, meaning we get a small kickback if you use the link. The kickback applies for anything you buy, not just what we recommend, so if you feel like shopping at the big A for whatever, you can get to the site through our links and it’ll make us happy.

(Betsy, shouting from the background, “remember to shop at your local independent bookseller!” Which we also encourage, especially as independent bookstores employ many of our friends. But, technically speaking, Amazon is local to us, and they are independent, in that no one else owns them…)

Our first music recommendation is Robbert Bobbert & The Bubble Machine . It’s the lead singer from the indie rock band Apples In Stereo, and it sounds pretty similar to They Might Be Giants, a poppier version of the Beach Boys, and (of course) Apples In Stereo. Lots of upbeat rhythms and bright sparkly guitars and synthesizers. Some adults might find it to be a little too sweet and sugary, but I think it’s a lot of fun and could see myself listening to some of songs even when Seth wasn’t around.

Here’s a video of one of our favorite songs, “We r Super Heroes”:

My favorite board book right now is Byron Barton’s “Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs“. The art is very colorful, and despite its simplicity, it’s surprisingly emotional – when the T-rex gets scared of the lightning, I just want to pick him up and hug him until it’s okay. I also find myself yawning every time I read the last page about how there were “very tired and very, very sleepy dinosaurs”. The language is just right for reading out-loud to a squirmy baby – it doesn’t make you try to pronounce weird and obscure names, and it has a nice soothing rhythm of repeating phrases. It’ll stay interesting for older kids, too, as the last page of the book provides all of the dinosaur names (along with pronunciation guides) – we skip that page for now, but I could imagine Seth being into it when he is older.

A couple of other unrelated notes:

  • Filming Seth was a lot easier before he was mobile and/or aware of the world around him. Now when I try to film him, he stops whatever cute thing he had just been doing, and makes a beeline for the video camera. I have tons of footage of him crawling right at me and grabbing for the lens, but little else. Hopefully I’ll be able to get another video put together before too long, though…

  • If we bring Seth over to your house someday and, as he’s crawling around on the carpet, he stops and starts thrusting his hips rapidly at the floor, don’t be alarmed – he has no specific amorous intentions towards your carpet. That’s just… kind of what he’s into doing these days. We don’t get it either.