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Quick note – I’ve updated the way comments are handled on the blog.

Previously, all comments had to be manually screened for spam by Betsy or me, and if you wanted to see a reply, you had to come back to the site later and keep checking the post.

Now, your comments will be posted automatically (assuming the system doesn’t think you’re spam), and you have the option to be notified of any future comments on the post.

Hopefully, this will make it easier to have a conversation. ┬áKeep the comments coming – we like hearing from you.

(And if you’re reading this through my Facebook/RSS feed, come on over to to leave your comments, won’t ya?)

1. We’re going to start featuring some of our family’s favorite books, movies, music, etc in the sidebar of our blog. So if you’re reading this through an RSS reader/Facebook, head over to to see what’s up.

2. Interested in making your Christmas gifts 4% more awesome? When you order stuff from Amazon this holiday season (and heck, through the rest of the year too), consider heading to our blog and clicking on one of our recommendations first. Even if you buy something completely different, Amazon will recognize that you came from our site and give us hugs as a result of your business.

Okay, enough crude mercenary usage of this blog. Betsy promised to write something heart-warming in the next couple of days, and tomorrow is Seth’s 11-month birthday (can you believe it?) so we’ll return you to your regularly scheduled mushiness shortly.