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Seth turned 5 two weeks ago. FIVE! We celebrated his birthday with a bacon breakfast, LEGO cake lunch and burgers for dinner — that kid loves meat and sweets. We played LEGO most of the morning, and spent the afternoon at the park/playground and Christmas Eve service at church. He is a passionate, energetic, joyful, spirited, thoughtful kid, and we are so blessed to be his parents.

birthday boy meet the mammals asleep train engineer

At the end of June, we celebrated Seth’s half-birthday with a, what else, science-themed party! I found great ideas on Pinterest (here’s my board if you’re interested in that kind of thing).

Kids could build their own molecules, and Papa borrowed a machine from work that lets you see sound waves. After a few snacks, we headed outside for some experiments and demonstrations, including elephant toothpaste, and a baking soda and vinegar rocket.

young scientist
Scientist Seth

scientist Dada
Scientist Dada

half-birthday cake
science cake!

Despite our friend’s expression in the above picture, I think we all had a lot of fun.

When we asked Seth what he wanted to eat on his birthday, he told us “Eat dinner at the Space Needle!” so we ran with that. Todd made reservations for lunch on Christmas Eve, and we had a blast:

elevator ride
riding the elevator to the top

While we ate lunch (which was very tasty, if also very expensive), Seth had a hard time staying seated for any amount of time. Because the restaurant revolves, the view was constantly changing, and people send notes along the windowsill. We had to of course read every one, and add our answer to questions like “What’s your favorite color?” and “what did you ask Santa for?”

the birthday boy

lunar orbiter
eating the Lunar Orbiter dessert – an ice cream sundae that comes served over a bowl of dry ice

the view from the Space Needle
checking out the view from the observation deck

lunch @ the Space Needle
happy family atop the Space Needle

the International Fountain

orca ride
an orca ride

a random pile of snow to play in – no idea why it was there, as Seattle has gotten no more than a dusting all season

Happy birthday, four year old!

On this here, the eve of Thanksgiving, a recap of our Halloween:

Seth originally asked that his costume be a construction vehicle with Ricky & Pals, from Ranger Rick Jr, painted on the side. His second choice was to be Scoop from Bob the Builder. While I want to honor his requests and choices, I was also like, been there, done that. I suggested that he might want to dress up as a venus fly trap or a volcano (two of his big interests at the time). He declined, and then came up with a costume idea on his own, that we both were really excited about: Watoto! Watoto is an African elephant with one tusk who lives at the Woodland Park Zoo. Seth got the costume he wanted, and I got to practice my sewing skills (turns out machine basting & gathering are super fun!).

Halloween 2012
also pictured: Chai (named after another elephant at the zoo), and Dada, of course.

And here are our pumpkins:

pumpkin carving
from left to right: Todd’s, Seth’s (he drew the whole face, and Todd patiently carved it all) and Betsy’s.

just kids

Hey Ddot,

Eight years of marriage, and over 11 years of smooching. It makes me think both, ‘Already?’ and ‘Only?’… I’ll leave most things for our pillow talk, but wanted to say that I think you are an amazing husband and an incredible father. You and I said ‘I do’ eight years ago today, and have been saying it with true joy every day since.

Your B

At the end of last month, we celebrated Seth’s half-birthday with a volcano-themed party. After a build-your-own tacos lunch, we headed out to the backyard for a game of lava tag. It was basically freeze tag, and having to avoid the “lava” (big pieces of cardboard painted red scattered around the yard). The times Seth was It, he chose to hang out on the lava instead of trying to tag other people:

lava tag

Todd demonstrated how putting a mentos candy in a bottle of Diet Coke makes it “erupt,” then all the kids got to do it with their own bottles.

mentos eruption!

We then rinsed out the Diet Coke bottles, and made lava lamps. Pour in an inch or two of vegetable oil, add water almost to the top, color it with food coloring. Half of an Alka Seltzer activates the lava lamp effect.

diy lava lamp

diy lava lamp

We then came back inside for a piece of volcano cake, complete with dry ice vapor action. I made a double batch of vanilla bean birthday cake and baked it in four separate layers using two sizes of round casserole dishes. The centers got punched out, a tall glass baby bottle fit down the middle, and was filed with water and dry ice chunks. It certainly wouldn’t win any decorating contests, but the kids thought it was cool.

volcano cake

We had a great time celebrating! And now, every time people ask Seth how old he is, he says, “Three AND A HALF.”

Forgive us as we play catch up with blogging – a lot has happened in the past month…

Seth turned 3 on Christmas Eve! We ended up having a nice, chill day. I had asked Seth about a week earlier, what kind of cake he would like for his birthday. I would have bet $5 that his answer was going to be chocolate cake, which was great because I was going to make a chocolate-banana cake with nutella frosting. But instead, he said wanted “carrot cake with chocolate frosting and toffee decorations.” Oh. Okay. So Todd and Seth spent most of the morning making his cake, which actually tasted pretty great.

Birthday cake
smashing the toffee bar with a hammer

Birthday cake
blowing out the candles

Then Ole and his family came over for a pot pie lunch and some playing. We then headed to the park for a little hike in the woods and a little zip line action:

birthday fun

After attending the family Christmas Eve service, it was back home for a dinner of hot dogs.

Birthday cake
Can’t you see I’m trying to eat some cake here?

Names, by Carl Sandburg

There is only one horse of the earth
and his name is All Horses.

There is only one bird in the air
and his name is All Wings.

There is only one fish in the sea
and his name is All Fins.

There is only one man in the world
and his name is All Men.

There is only one woman in the world
and her name is All Women.

There is only one child in the world
and the child’s name is All Children.

There is only one Maker in the world
and His children cover the earth
and they are named All God’s Children.

Halloween 2011

Halloween 2011

This year we went to a local shopping center for their trick or treating, and even got to meet up with E and her family for a bit. When approaching the people outside their businesses for candy, Seth would either say nothing, say “trick or treating” or “me want some candy.” And after every stop, he would want to eat the candy he had just gotten. He probably ate about 10 pieces, and we brought home another 10. We then went to “the spider restaurant” for dinner, and he cracked us up with his sugar-high silliness.

Dear husband/friend/Dada,

I have known you for quite a while, so can say with confidence that you’re only getting better with age. Happy birthday, Ddot!

Love, yer B

Chef + his sous chef the king
Deep thinker T & B

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