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Last night Todd made us curry hand pies out of the Thug Kitchen vegan cookbook. (They were tasty!) After dinner, S wanted to look through Thug Kitchen, but I didn’t let him. He wanted to know why, and I said there were lots of grown up words in it, called swear words. Of course, in true S fashion, he asked, “Like what? Tell me some swear words!” (I’m actually surprised that he still hasn’t brought home any words he’s heard at school.) We talked a bit about swear words in general, and then I said, “Okay, I’m going to tell you the swear word for poop.” He asked, “Is it Brown Pop Pop?” which Todd misheard as “Ground Plop Plop.” I told him the real swear, but it was rather anti-climactic and we all decided his and Todd’s are better anyway.

One of the Sunday School teachers asked us to have Seth tell us the Christmas story in his own words. She writes the Epiphany pageant every year, and was hoping for some kid wisdom. Though some of S’s favorite activities are talking and collecting facts, it can sometimes be quite hard to drag a story out of him:

Betsy: What was the first Christmas about?
Seth: Baby Jesus was born!
B: How did it happen?
S: by God! …just like everything happens by God…
B: But what’s the story?
S: I can’t remember that part, actually. There were angels, I know. And shepherds, I think. That’s enough.
B: Tell me about the star.
S: It pointed to Bethlehem.

And then he wandered off.

This evening during dinner, the conversation turned to how “a baby or toddler may soon come live with us for a while.” (This seems to be the phrase I always use.) I asked Seth if he was still okay with that, and he said he was. He also asked if the baby or toddler would live with us for the rest of our lives. This was a wonderful opportunity for me to say (for the first of what will probably be many times) that we don’t know, and we’ll have to practice staying flexible. I told him how the best thing would be for the baby or toddler to go back to their regular family, if it’s safe for them to do so. But if it’s not safe for them to go back to their family, then they would live with us for a long time. Seth then said that if they do go back to their regular family, he would want us to live in the house right next door to their family’s house. Or even build a hammock on the back of their house for us to stay in.

(Time out to say that I LOVED that Seth said this. He may not have meant it any way other than he wants to be able to play with the kid even after they move on, but what I heard is that openness in relationships and families is the norm. Yeah!)

And then the conversation continued:

S: Let’s buy two kids!
B: Um, you don’t buy kids.
S: Then let’s get two kids…from the grocery store.

Seth is growing to be quite the paleontologist/theologian, as the following items will show:

(overheard during his siesta time)
Deinosuchus, be peaceful! Or an angel will fly to you and attack you!…glory, glory, glory to God!…peace everywhere, even in the Deinosuchus world!”

(during our lunchtime conversation)
“God made dinosaurs on one day, and made one man [Adam] on the same day, and then the meat-eating therapods ate him!”

Unrelated, but here’s another of Seth’s volcano stories, as transcribed by Dada:

Mount St Helens was a big mountain that is exploding! It is knocking down lots of trees. Ash is flying. The huge explosion of Mount St Helens is exploding into the forest! Lots of things are dying. The mountain is BOOMED UP! The eruption is flamming and blamming and clamming! The towns are slamming! The towns are getting blammed up by the eruption. It is going into the town and exploding them up. So many ruins happened when Mount St Helens erupted. The eruption is slamming and bamming into the marmot cave. The marmots are going to die. There is a snowman in the marmot cave and the snow is melting. The explosion is exploding onto a Brachiosaurus. The “ickathicka” is exploding out of Mount St Helens.

A few choice Seth quotes from the past few days:

Do you know why it’s called break dancing? Because you do it to break music…music that broke other songs.

Did you know that chairs are the descendants of ladders?

What’s the best dinosaur to give a kiss to? A diplodicus!

Do scientists ever run for their lives?

Seth-isms for the day:

Said to me, while playing in the dirt pit: If you said that, I would be 99 frustrated, and bang you to heaven, I think.

Said to no one in particular at dinner: We’re just freakin’ out at the table with our soup next to us.

- at the dinner table the other night –

Seth: Do you know who I love the sweetest?
Betsy: who?
S: You! (Mama)
B: Yay! I love you too. And what about Dada?
S: Dada, I love you the hardest.

Recipe for Water Tink:
(as transcribed by Mama)

1. get started
2. pour some water into the big bowl
3. get water into Dada’s water bottle
4. pour it
5. let it sit

…and that’s all the stuff I do!

Seth quote of the day:

“I will cut you for free.”

We were playing “Baby stuck in a bubble”, based on Bubble Trouble yesterday, when we had this conversation:

Seth, pulling out his screwdriver and sorta poking me with it: me check if you’re hurt
Betsy: hmm, what is that tool called?
S: the check-if-you’re-hurt tool
S, getting out his wrench and waving that around me: now me see if you’re hurt
B: what is that tool called?
S: the see-if-you’re hurt tool
Seth waves a piece of wood with screws hanging off it, around my head
B: now what is that tool called?
S: the spinning-around-your-head tool….now say, ‘Who is this handsome guy?’
B: (laughs uncontrollably)

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