Recipe for Water Tink:
(as transcribed by Mama)

1. get started
2. pour some water into the big bowl
3. get water into Dada’s water bottle
4. pour it
5. let it sit

…and that’s all the stuff I do!

Recipe for a rainy winter night: this farro soup (with a whole 28 ounce can of tomatoes instead of 1 cup), and since I love carbs and grains, a slice of oatmeal-buttermilk bread (from the Macrina Bakery & Cafe Cookbook) for dessert.

…well and a scoop of mascarpone ice cream for second dessert :]

This recipe for chocolate ginger orange cupcakes is awesome. I made it as two cakes, in a square pan and a round pan, and baked for…maybe 28 minutes? I kinda lost track of time, and it looked crispy when I took it out, but it turned out to have been the perfect amount of time. Anyway, I haven’t even bothered to make the frosting yet, because it’s so good on its own. Totally hits the spot if you’re already craving those whack ‘em chocolate oranges. And as an added bonus, it’s vegan, so Seth and I licked the batter bowl without worry about raw eggs, not that that usually prevents me from eating any sort of baked good batter.