This evening during dinner, the conversation turned to how “a baby or toddler may soon come live with us for a while.” (This seems to be the phrase I always use.) I asked Seth if he was still okay with that, and he said he was. He also asked if the baby or toddler would live with us for the rest of our lives. This was a wonderful opportunity for me to say (for the first of what will probably be many times) that we don’t know, and we’ll have to practice staying flexible. I told him how the best thing would be for the baby or toddler to go back to their regular family, if it’s safe for them to do so. But if it’s not safe for them to go back to their family, then they would live with us for a long time. Seth then said that if they do go back to their regular family, he would want us to live in the house right next door to their family’s house. Or even build a hammock on the back of their house for us to stay in.

(Time out to say that I LOVED that Seth said this. He may not have meant it any way other than he wants to be able to play with the kid even after they move on, but what I heard is that openness in relationships and families is the norm. Yeah!)

And then the conversation continued:

S: Let’s buy two kids!
B: Um, you don’t buy kids.
S: Then let’s get two kids…from the grocery store.