At the time of our last update, we were hoping to have our license in hand within a few weeks. Well, it took a bit longer than that… Almost exactly five months after our third and final homestudy, we finally have our foster home license! Whee!

foster home license
Think we should post it next to our door like restaurants do with their liquor license?

After receiving the email from our licensor telling us our license had been finalized, my heart would not stop racing. What if a placement worker called right away? What if that was me and S’s last leisurely morning as a one-kid household? This is not completely unfounded, by the way. One of our friends was called within one hour of having received their license.

Now, 2.5 weeks later, having not received a single placement call, I have stopped compulsively checking my phone for messages. Because our license is for one kiddo, age 0-4, our licensor told us it might take a while. But she also told us that placement workers call people all the time asking if they’ll go outside their parameters — either age, or number of kids. Upon going over capacity, CA has something like 36 hours to file an amendment to your license to say you can care for more kids. (Every time I see CA, I think “California” instead of “Children’s Administration.” I wonder if there will come a time in my life when the opposite will become true.) We’re pretty firm on the age, as if it turns into a permanent placement, we don’t want to upset the birth order. But Todd and I go back and forth all the time on whether we could do a placement of two kids — it often depends on my energy level at that exact moment.

So for now, we’re waiting. But even more so, we’re trying to relax into the present, enjoying our family right now as we are, because who knows what is coming around the corner?

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