staring contest

We got to dip our toes into foster care this last weekend. Friday afternoon I received a call asking if we would be willing to provide ‘respite care’ for a wee one. Foster parents earn ‘respite’ at a rate of two days per month of a kid being in their care — it’s kind of like vacation days. Kids in care can be babysat during the day by anyone the foster parent trusts, but overnight babysitting has to be done by a foster family and arranged with CA.

‘Sweet Pea’ came over after dinner on Friday and stayed with us until lunchtime on Monday. We went to the children’s museum, spent hours playing play dough, and even got a walk in to the library. I’m sure it would/will be a different story when it’s me parenting two kids all day all week long, but as it was, Todd was home nearly all weekend, so it went pretty smoothly. We were able to divide and conquer during bedtime, and arrange it so one parent could do meal prep kid-free. It also gives us an idea of things we need to do to get ready for our next placement (freezer meals!).

Seth was a champion through having to share his parents’ time and attention, and his toys. It was such a great reminder of how different 5 is from 2, and how he’s developing his self-control and patience.