Here’s what a typical day looks like for us, during our first week back at home:

7:00am – Seth starts fussing a little bit. Betsy starts nursing him while Todd goes to the kitchen to prepare a bag for the Supplemental Nursing System. When Todd returns, Seth starts getting the mix of formula from the SNS and a bit of milk from Betsy, and Todd lies down and tries to sleep a little more. Seth finishes eating, and Betsy tries to sleep a little more too. Seth is awake! Neither Betsy or Todd are allowed to sleep any more. Diaper is changed.

8:00 – Todd takes a shower, and starts preparing breakfast. Betsy is walking around, holding Seth, while he coos contentedly (hopefully) or fusses and whines a bit (more realistic). Todd eats his breakfast, and then takes his turn holding Seth while Betsy eats her now cold breakfast. Diaper is changed.

10:00 – Todd logs on to his laptop and starts his workday. Betsy prepares another SNS bag, and nurses for a while. Seth pretends to fall asleep. Betsy puts him in his little recliner in the bathroom so she can take a shower. Seth is awake! Betsy soothes him a little longer, and he falls asleep for another five minutes. Betsy tries again to get in the shower. Seth is awake! This is repeated for an hour before the shower actually happens. Diaper is changed.

12:00 – Seth wants to eat again. Or maybe he’s hot. Or cold. Or bored. Or excited. Or trying to use baby sonar to map his surroundings through echolocation. Whatever the cause, he’s crying. Betsy tries a dozen different things, each of which makes him stop crying for about 30 seconds before he kicks it back into gear. Todd is trying to focus on work, but it’s proving rather difficult. Finally, the secret combination is found, and he quiets down for a while, maybe sleeping up for 5 minutes before waking up again. Diaper is changed.

2:00 – Todd finishes his workday. He’s working only 4 hours a day during the first two weeks back at home. Seth is immediately put into his arms by an exhausted Betsy. There’s a little bit of contented daddy snuggle time before Seth is awake! And hungry! And Daddy doesn’t have the appropriate equipment for nursing! Seth goes back to Betsy, and Todd works on putting together lunch for the adults. Diaper is changed.

3:00 – Seth settles down somewhat (but is still awake), and the family gathers on the couch to watch a movie. Diaper is changed.

5:00 – After some more nursing, Seth finally settles down for a nap, and is asleep for more than 5 minutes for the first time all day. Todd and Betsy wearily crawl into bed to nap as well. The doorbell rings, and we have guests! Seth sleeps really well during the entire visit, and everyone comments how mellow he is. Diaper is changed, but he hardly notices.

8:00 – Guests leave, and Todd and Betsy try to decide if food or sleep is the more dire need. Eventually, they decide to eat some delicious food that an extremely kind guest brought over. Meanwhile, Seth has been sleeping peacefully for the last 3 hours. If he goes too long between eating sessions, he’ll wake up really hungry and angry, and it’ll be difficult getting him to nurse. So, we try to wake him up, and cross our fingers that he’ll wake up just long enough to eat and then go back to sleep. Diaper is changed.

9:00 – Nursing is done, but he’s still awake. Todd and Betsy would like to go to sleep now. They try to make him go to sleep.

10:00 – Seth is awake! Todd and Betsy would really like to go to sleep now. They try to make him go to sleep.

11:00 – Seth is awake! Todd and Betsy would really like to go to sleep now. They try to make him go to sleep.

12:00 – Seth is awake! Todd and Betsy would REALLY, REALLY like to go to sleep now. They try to make him go to sleep. Seth finally decides that he is good and ready to go to sleep on his own terms, and drifts off to sleep.

4:00 – Seth is a very good sleeper once he finally gets to sleep. He would sleep through the entire night if we let him, but as mentioned before, we need to wake him up or he’ll get too hungry. We hope and pray that he wakes up just long enough to nurse and fall back asleep again. This works about 90% of the time, which is not bad at all.

7:00 – We start all over again!

In short, the first week has been somewhat tiring (late to go to bed, early to rise, no naps during the middle of the day), but since he’s such a good sleeper at night, we can’t complain too much. His naps are weirdly timed, and almost always happen at the times when we can’t join him in sleep…

Having guests come over is the highlight of our day! Let us know if you’d like to come over for a visit. This is my last week at home before returning to work full-time, so this would be a good week to come over.

And here’s some pictures! Our blog is acting as our guestbook for visitors:

Aaron and Gina, Tues 1/6

Naomi, Doug, Ben, Landon, Hillary and Cory, Sat 1/10

Scott, Bobby and Liam, Sun 1/11

Also, we’re going to be posting more pictures to our Flickr than we post in actual blog entries. If you want to see everything, there’s a link to our Flickr on the right side of the page.