Last weekend, we held a “pool party” BBQ to celebrate finally getting into the pool. I really should have taken some pictures to commemorate and post here, but we forgot (one of the reasons why compiling the photo collage was more difficult than it should have been).

It was great to get to hang out with everyone. The weather was absolutely perfect, and while there was still a lot of yardwork I had wanted to get done, a lot of the flowers were in full bloom and the place looked nice despite the occasional weed. I cooked up some fajitas on the grill, and if you’ll allow me to break my false modesty for a moment, they were completely awesome and delicious.

Most important of all, it was a gathering of the community that will be part of the support system for us as we raise young Eelfang. We had established parents running around with their son on the lawn, excited talks with new friends who had just attended their two-day seminar to start down the open adoption path, and lots of other well-wishers and warm-hearted people who are almost as excited for us as we are. Being in a backyard packed with that many great people is a great reminder of how lucky we are to know our friends.

Halfway through the party, I got a call on my phone from a 206 area code phone number I didn’t recognize. Immediately, my pulse picked up a few dozen beats, and I thought “this is it – we’re going to get The Call in the middle of our BBQ.” When I answered, and it was our friend Casey, I tried my best to not sound disappointed – I’d normally be really happy to hear from him, but asking for directions to our house is not quite as exciting as “hey come get this baby.”

That’ll probably be the way I am for the next few months/years. Earlier today, I was teaching one of my classes, and my phone started buzzing in my pocket. I checked it out immediately, and it just turned out to be a low-battery warning. But I never failed to jump slightly for the next two hours while the phone repeated its battery warning every few minutes – when the warning and the inbound call has the same pattern, you just never know…

In retrospect, it does seem a bit weird to throw a party to celebrate that you are about to start waiting for something to celebrate. So maybe it’s better to think that is was just a “awesome backyard BBQ party”, and try to keep the tension low for the long wait ahead of us. It was a good opportunity to break out the new outdoor fireplace, to get together with friends, and to eat some good food. As for what’s coming next… well, I’ll make sure to keep my phone close to me at all times, but just enjoy the summer in the meantime.

I’ll do my best to keep updating this blog while we wait in the pool. We won’t have much in the way of “milestones” to talk about, but there’s still a lot to talk about that I haven’t covered yet. Here’s my attempt at brainstorming a list of future topics:

  • Being a rad dad (aka Why I hate Parents magazine)
  • Registering for stuff (aka Why I hate Babies’R'Us)
  • Experiences at the Agency-wide “waiting families” meetings (aka Saying all sorts of gossipy things about weird people we meet, thinking better of it and deleting it, and then saying that “everyone is so nice”.)
  • Parenting philosophy (aka Why I should be nicer and stop being gossipy or saying I hate stuff)
  • Book review of parenting books I’ve read
  • Nature vs Nurture hopes and worries
  • Transracial adoption and our family
  • Naming disputes
  • uh, submit your own suggestions below?

So, that should keep me pretty busy for a while. I’ll try to aim at at least one post a week during the summer (although I’m not making any promises), so I may end up repeating myself before too long. We’ll just have to wait and see, though.