A little over two months in the pool. Still bobbing about. But to rewind a bit…

A week or two after getting in the pool, Todd and I decided to register for baby items. We’d already gotten a bunch of awesome things from Todd’s sister, and a whole room’s worth of furniture (dresser, handmade cradle, rocking chair) from my parents. I checked out The Expectant Parents’ Companion from the library, which has really great lists of essentials, nice-to-have’s, and lists for breastfeeding and bottle-feeding. After pouring over that and some other online resources, we compiled a list of around 30 items, and walked the couple blocks to Target to take the plunge.

Sadly, Target’s baby department was lacking. They had lots of cute clothes, but didn’t have any changing pads nor the cotton receiving blankets I had been hoping for. So instead, we drove over to Babel–, I mean, Babies R Us.

I’ve heard folks say that all babies need are a boob and a blanket. While I am not in a position to be that hardcore (unless there is such a thing as spontaneous lactation!), nor even necessarily want to be, there are also many opportunities to go overboard with Baby Stuff. We checked into BrU’s registry, and an employee gave us a pep talk that registering was going to take about 1-2 hours, and the result would be about 150-200 items. What?! I couldn’t decide if I should feel smug that we/our baby can get by with so much less, or simply inadequate.

We knocked out almost our whole list in one corner of the store, and of course caved to a few impulse items. It should be noted, though, that even though it seems like BrU has everything, they did not have any Sonic Youth onesies. We did register for a few other clothes, but it was odd not knowing size (preemie or Michelin-size like I was?), season, and gender. I’m totally going to be that parent who dresses their little girl in dresses and dinosaurs, but it’s a little harder to adapt girl clothes to boys…Plus we got a good tip later from other adoptive parents that clothes often get discontinued, so anything more than basics is something we’ll wait to register for until we know more.

So that was that. Now we’re to a comfortable pausing point on Baby Stuff, which frees me up to dwell on…well, more Baby Stuff. But that’s only because Eelfang totally needs a (insert cute handmade thing I saw on XYZ blog yesterday), right?