So far, I’ve done pretty good at keeping up with taking at least one picture every day.  I forgot yesterday, but otherwise, here’s the week since I last updated:

Fri, 8/22

One of the benefits of being the first person awake in the morning is getting to see some pretty spectacular sunsets that Betsy sleeps through.

Sat, 8/23

We did some much needed (and oft-neglected) yard work on Saturday.  I love the look of these tall fennel blossoms against the blue sky.

Sun, 8/24

Landon and his uncle Cory.  That kid is one of the cutest ever.

Mon, 8/25

Mandy and her friend came over to take our TV and our entertainment center.  To help prepare for Eelfang, we turned our office into a nursery, and moved the computer to the living room.  After installing a TV card in the computer, the entertainment center and TV was pretty much obsolete, and it took up too much room.  We’re happy to give it to a friend who needs it.

Wed, 8/27

And this is what our living room looks like now.  Betsy is busy knitting a little sweater while we watch some of the DNC speeches.