Nine days until we fly down to California, and only sixteen days until the scheduled due date… I don’t think I’ve ever been so anxious to get Thanksgiving over with, get my four-day weekend out of the way, and get back to work next Monday and Tuesday. (Of course, I’m excited for those days only so that I can get them out of the way too…)

Preparations around our house are going pretty well. Our list of “baby needs” looked pretty daunting when we first started, but over the past few months, it has been whittled down by small shopping trips, baby showers, gifts in mail from both people we know and friends we’ve yet to meet, and by gifts from a friend of ours who can’t stop herself from buying anything cute she sees (which is fine by us, because everything she’s given us so far is SO CUTE!). Based on that original list, we’re down to only one item that is still on our “must have at birth” list, so with some shopping this weekend, we’ll be prepared from a “material possessions” standpoint.

(As far as “material possessions” go, both Betsy and I tend to lean towards the viewpoint that all a baby needs is a breast, a blanket and love. I’ve been asked if our nursery is ready yet – I hold out my arms and tell them that my arms are the baby’s nursery, and they’ve been ready for a long time. That being said, if all we really had was a single blanket, it’d probably start to smell a little ripe pretty quickly, so it’s good to have the rest of the stuff we need as well – extra blankets, diapering options, lots of cute clothes, first aid equipment, etc.)

We practicing packing last weekend to try to get a sense of how much we can fit in our suitcases and if we’ll have to pay for extra baggage. We could be down there for a long time, and considering that we’ll need to bring our car seat as one piece of luggage, that doesn’t leave us with much else. I think we’ll be okay with the amount of luggage we’re allowed, but we may have to be doing laundry (or re-wearing clothes) a little more regularly than we are used to.

Mentally, we’re trying to do our best to get ready. There’s a lot we’re trying to read and re-read before the big day, figuring out everything from how to deal with colicky babies, to learning enough to make an informed vaccine decision, to making sure we’re prepared for medical emergencies, to figuring out diapers… I’m trying to remember that we’ll have plenty of people around us to help (and that little Eelfang will love us for our good intentions, even if some results are off), and that I don’t need to memorize all 900 pages of The Baby Book before the birth. It feels pretty overwhelming now, but I’m sure we’ll figure it out… (won’t we?)

We’ve had to get a early start on Christmas shopping this year, as we’ll probably be out of commission for most of December. (It sounds like my parents and my sister are already nearly finished – even when we try to do the shopping early, we’re the last to finish!) And we’re trying to figure out the logistics of being away from the house for up to a month (or even more) – can we get someone to house sit? How do we pay the bills that come in? Is there anything else we’ve forgotten?

For me, at least, the toughest two things have been trying to prepare emotionally for adding a new member to the family, and trying to find time to post to this blog. I’ll try to talk about the first while doing the latter in the next couple of days.