Forgive us as we play catch up with blogging – a lot has happened in the past month…

Seth turned 3 on Christmas Eve! We ended up having a nice, chill day. I had asked Seth about a week earlier, what kind of cake he would like for his birthday. I would have bet $5 that his answer was going to be chocolate cake, which was great because I was going to make a chocolate-banana cake with nutella frosting. But instead, he said wanted “carrot cake with chocolate frosting and toffee decorations.” Oh. Okay. So Todd and Seth spent most of the morning making his cake, which actually tasted pretty great.

Birthday cake
smashing the toffee bar with a hammer

Birthday cake
blowing out the candles

Then Ole and his family came over for a pot pie lunch and some playing. We then headed to the park for a little hike in the woods and a little zip line action:

birthday fun

After attending the family Christmas Eve service, it was back home for a dinner of hot dogs.

Birthday cake
Can’t you see I’m trying to eat some cake here?