Why “the eelfang chronicles”?

Back when we were trying to get pregnant, Betsy and I were talking about potential baby names for a boy. Betsy decided that the baby should be named something like Peter or Simon or something totally wimpy like that.

Knowing how a good name can help make a positive first impression, I proposed a few more assertive names, such as Thor or Spike or… Eelfang!!! Who is going to mess with a kid named Eelfang? I guarantee you, his name gets called on the first day of kindergarden, and the other kids will just hand over their lunch money right then and there.

Later that night, I drew a picture of an eel with an oversized fang on Betsy’s tummy to symbolize the hope that our little bruiser was growing inside. Having a child join our family that way wasn’t meant to be, but as we looked into our options, we (okay, I) often made mention of young Eelfang in reference to our dreams of starting a family and raising a child.

Even after we met Aria and her family, after we chose his real name, and even up to the day he was born, I thought of him as Eelfang. The moment he entered the world, though, he became our precious little Seth, and the name Eelfang now refers to this blog.