In 2006, we decided to start the process of adoption. By the end of 2008, we had an amazing little boy in our life, and a new extended family that we had shared an amazing experience with.

Here’s a brief outline of some of the milestones and decisions along the way. If you have any questions about our personal experiences with adoption, we’d be happy to share our story with you.

Making the decision
Making the decision: Betsy and Todd
Starting to tell people
Researching and reading
Reviews of some books
Attending an International adoption meeting: Part 1 and part 2

Some big questions
Private or agency? Infant or child? Healthy or special needs? International or domestic?
Closed or open adoption?
Trans-racial adoption

Open Adoption seminar
Day 0
Day 1
Day 2

Home study and paperwork
Getting fingerprinted
Meeting our counselor
Reference Letter
Home Study
Photo collage
Dear Birthmother letter

In the pool
Pool Party
A screening call

Getting The Call
Getting The Call
Waiting and logistics

Meeting the birth family!
First meeting – Friday PM
Friday PM continued
Sat AM
Sat afternoon
Sat PM – Sun

Getting prepared
A little bit about adoptive nursing

The Birth Month
In California
At the hospital
Birth day
First week after birth

Ongoing relationship with birth family
3 month visit – Aria to Seattle
6 month visit – us to California

The final legal stuff
Finalization – it’s official!
Birth Certificate arrives